Employee Retention

Insightful exit and on-boarding surveys built toincrease employee retention and attract top candidates.

Increase Retention

Improve retention and recruiting by understanding why employees join and exit your organization.

Implement exit surveys to gain insight and ultimately address the reasons employees are exiting your organization.  Fine tune your recruiting process with an on-boarding survey to better understand characteristics that attract top talent.

Productivity & Innovation

Create a culture that encourages fresh thinking and drives productivity.

Streamline your employee processes through exit and on-boarding surveys designed to foster and align a culture that welcomes new ideas and values diversity and inclusion.

Maximize Recruiting Efforts

Learn which recruiting efforts are most effective at attracting top talent.

Deploy custom on-boarding surveys to gain insight into which recruiting efforts are most effective in filling open positions with qualified candidates.

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Turnover Is Expensive

High employee turnover costs organizations time and money.

EngagedMetrics provides the tools to reduce turnover and retain top-performing employees.  Proactively addressing the reasons employees are leaving allows you to keep good people on-board and avoid expensive brain drain.

Stay Competitive

Stay competitive in the marketplace by understanding and addressing the reasons employees are choosing to leave.

Track organizational topics, such as Career Advancement and Compensation, to ensure your organization is able to keep and attract high-performing employees.

Employee Engagement

Insightful employee engagement and pulse surveys designed to measure engagement levels from the perspective of staff, resulting in actionable feedback and deep analytics.

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Employee Retention

Strategic exit and on-boarding surveys built to increase retention, identify opportunities, motivate employees, and streamline each process within the employee life cycle.

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Employee Success

Comprehensive 180 and 360 degree surveys to assess employee performance including an individual's strengths and weaknesses from the viewpoint of co-workers, peers, and management.

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Feature Highlights

Always On

Launch unlimited surveys. Invite your entire organization or target individual departments.

Highly Customizable

Develop surveys and assessments tailored to the needs of your organization.

Engagement Surveys

Measure employee engagement across the entire organization or deploy pulse surveys to specific departments.

Manager Surveys

Deploy 360° manager surveys to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual managers.

Pulse Surveys

Launch small pulse surveys to specific teams and departments with your organization.

On-boarding & Exit Surveys

Improve retention by understanding why employees join and leave your organization.

Why EngagedMetrics?


EngagedMetrics has been measuring employee engagement since 2004. With thousands of successful projects and clients, we've assisted organizations of all sizes across all major industries.


EngagedMetrics offers unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value in one employee feedback platform. Simple and intuitive to get up and running quickly, but flexible enough to support the most complicated requirements.


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