Success Through Employee Feedback

In today’s fast paced world, it can be easy to overlook the value of your organization’s most important asset – your employees.

EngagedMetrics’ innovative employee survey platform delivers the data and analytics needed to understand your employees’ commitment and connection to the organization.

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Employee Engagement

Insightful employee engagement and pulse surveys designed to measure engagement levels from the perspective of staff, resulting in actionable feedback and deep analytics.

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Employee Retention

Strategic exit and on-boarding surveys built to increase retention, identify opportunities, motivate employees, and streamline each process within the employee life cycle.

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Employee Success

Comprehensive 180 and 360 degree surveys to assess employee performance including an individual's strengths and weaknesses from the viewpoint of co-workers, peers, and management.

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Insightful Workplace Analytics

Deep dive into your company’s culture using EngagedMetrics’ powerful analytics.

Tailored to your ever-changing organizational needs, our intuitive reporting and intelligent analytics deliver the insight needed to pinpoint and address problem areas.

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Turn Feedback Into Action

EngagedMetrics converts employee survey feedback into action.

Using our proprietary Integrated Action Planning, EngagedMetrics converts the voices of employees into highly relevant action plans. Action planning recommendations are collected from employee surveys in real-time targeting employees’ lowest scoring topics.

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EngagedMetrics helps organizations build extraordinary cultures through actionable, insightful employee survey feedback. Leverage our powerful workplace analytics to increase engagement, improve productivity, and attract top talent.

Feature Highlights

Always On

Launch unlimited surveys. Invite your entire organization or target individual departments.

Highly Customizable

Develop surveys and assessments tailored to the needs of your organization.

Engagement Surveys

Measure employee engagement across the entire organization or deploy pulse surveys to specific departments.

Manager Surveys

Deploy 360° manager surveys to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual managers.

Pulse Surveys

Launch small pulse surveys to specific teams and departments with your organization.

On-boarding & Exit Surveys

Improve retention by understanding why employees join and leave your organization.